Panic and Anxiety Attacks – Chile, San Jose Miners Rescue

The Doctor is right to fear for the miners well-being after their prolonged harrowing event after becoming trapped over twenty three hundred feet underground which was as close as they could get as a near to death experience before being rescued and brought up to the surface by brave volunteer expert miners and medical personnel. With this, their most harrowing ordeal of being trapped underground now behind them, a fresh one on the surface begins. Apart from regular checks for the next few months as they are being nursed back to health, they will be guided through their re-adjustment to life on the surface as well as life after the event. This may be a difficult psychological period, with the medical team focusing their attention as well upon stress related illnesses that may come up alongside their conditions that may have afflicted them before the incident.

The experience of miners underground, working tough confined conditions will be a bonus aid to their recovery alongside a great team of professionals available at their disposal to help them on the path of recovery. Unfortunately, as with other high pressure professions, they may not all seek out this help as a result of a misconception that it was part of their job description as a hazard that they opted to bear and would as a result not require assistance in recovery or management of the condition. They may be mute and fora thick skin to cope with the pressures of the job and may feel that they would not require as much help and attention as provided.

Flashbacks will occur for most as symptoms of post-traumatic stress becomes more apparent for all of the miners who were trapped. The readjustment to normal life may be troubled as the reality and added burden of becoming public figures overnight comes to light. Their lives would have to go through total recalibration.

Survivors of near-death experiences, particularly those who endure precarious conditions as prolonged as the men have, face other troubles as they readjust to normal life and feel the burden of becoming publicly known figures overnight. Their experiences underground before their 올인구조대 will overshadow the rest of their lives as an imprinted memory of despair and isolation, buried alive with no hope for rescue. They went through a very trying time where they had to keep their sanity and sense of hope before and during the rescue period.

It was an extra-ordinary tale of survival under conditions of high humidity, poor air quality, poor illumination, poor nutrition, gum disease, and risk of other infection are only part of the conditions they faced. The trip up to the surface also was not without effect on these brave men. Confined into a small cramped rescue module, they would have been under extreme pressure and anxiety created by the claustrophobic ride back to the surface fraught with risk and danger.


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